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Home Renovation

Royal Ceilings Perth home renovations.

We can help you in the design process of your home renovation. Why don’t you check out the testimonials from some of our happy clients.
If you have an older home – often the Old Jarrah Joists are never straight so we use Rondo Channel and a laser level to keep it perfectly flat.



Ceilings Perth-Dryline finshed ready for sanding then painting
Ceilings Perth-Dryline is a easy and effictive way to cover old Brick
Ceilings Perth-Finished ceiling painted bulk heads with P50 Shadowline
Ceilings Perth-More examples off shadow line affect to improve to look of the extention
Ceilings Perth-Painted bulk heads with P50 Shadowline
Ceilings Perth-Recessed Coffer ceiling system covering a old raked timer ceiling to add value to the home
Ceilings Perth-flat flushed ceiling with no exposed joints time and care is taken to finished properly
Ceilings Perth-This is a shadow line desing to give a moder afffect to the ceilings bulk heads
Ceilings Perth-This is a stud wall biuld to cover a old leaning brick wall with new cornice and fresh paint
Ceilings Perth-This is some of the finished product of CSR Cornice Range
Ceilings Perth- Painted bulk heads with P50 Shadowline
Ceilings Perth-Painted bulk heads with Shadow line effect
Ceilings Perth-This is a Gyprock wall with shelves built in to add
 style to the room.